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Super Robot Wars 30 May Actually Get an English Release

Kamille is a man's name, and he'll prove his toxically masculine outlook on life in Super Robot Wars 30.

If you’re a fan of the Super Robot Wars franchise who doesn’t live in Japan, please allow me to hug you. Let us share a moment together, commiserating over how painful it has been to follow a long-running series that has had over 90 entries, but only a handful of Western releases. And most of those were for Game Boy Advance. So, yeah.

This is why myriad minds have been blown by the discovery that Super Robot Wars 30, the game that celebrates the sprawling franchise’s 30th anniversary, may be made available to English audiences come October. No official word has been given, but it’s a fairly solid foundation — there’s an official Steam page up marking an October 27th release date. It even lists English subtitles and interface, lending even further credence to the belief that this isn’t simply a (colossal) marketing error. For Bandai Namco’s sake, let’s hope not, given that the game has already even cracked Steam’s Top Sellers list.

Ernie will bring the Ikaruga's full heart to bear in Super Robot Wars 30

The Super Robot Wars games combine iconic mecha from the genre’s most influential and beloved franchises, such as Code Geass, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Mazinger. It also includes plenty of content from the prolific Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, a perennial breadwinner among mecha fans. A tactical RPG series, Super Robot Wars frequently brings together pilots and their giant robots from across the genre in crossover alliances not entirely unlike seeing one’s favorite superheroes team up on the big screen.

In short, if you like Gundam, or anything that remotely resembles Gundam, and you’re reading this article on a website called RPGFan, there’s a reasonable chance Super Robot Wars is for you. And unless this is all a great big misunderstanding, you might just have a chance to test one out very soon, to the retroactive jealousy salivation of long-time fans who have had to settle for imports and YouTube videos to get their own fix.

Not that I’d have any idea what that’s like.

Source: Gideon Zhi on Twitter

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