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Sports RPG Dodgeball Academia Shoots Onto PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch This Week

Otto, the hero of Dodgeball Academia, unleashes a special attack causing fire-covered dodgeballs to corkscrew across the screen.

Publisher Humble Games and developer Pocket Trap have announced that their upcoming sports RPG Dodgeball Academia will launch on August 5th for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam & the Humble Store.

This was revealed in a new trailer detailing the zany anime-inspired lore of a world where the noble pursuit of dipping, ducking, and dodging balls is the be-all and end-(b)all of existence [Editor’s Note: I shouldn’t approve of this, but I do]. Check it out below!

Dodgeball Academia centres its aim on Otto, a dodgeball novice who is on the road to becoming the “ultimate dodgeball champion.” Set across eight episodes, players will guide Otto in his studentship at Dodgeball Academia where he will make both friends and rivals amongst like-minded students around him—a classic trope of sports anime fame—on the dodgeball field in action-orientated battles.

Battles within Dodgeball Academia seems to be split into a mix between real-time combat and RPG menu-based skills, with Pocket Trap promising RPG-style customisation and progression that will allow players to diversify and create “the best dodgeball team.” Between battles, players will have the opportunity to explore the academy in which Dodgeball Academia is set, including side quests and mini-games courtside to the main story, where Otto will discover “long hidden truths” sequestered within the academy itself.

Undernauts: The Labyrinth of Yomi PS5 Advertisement
Undernauts: The Labyrinth of Yomi PS5 Advertisement

Personally, I’m always up for combinations of both the familiar and ludicrous to create something brand new. Dodgeball Academia seems to fit that bill for dodgeball in the same ways that Golf Story did for golf, and I’m curious to see what it has to offer on its launch this week!

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