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Development on Fantasian Part Two Is Almost Complete

Fantasian Part 2 artwork of two women facing each other and holding hands with their eyes closed and heads bowed.

Leave it to Hironobu Sakaguchi to tease us with rapid-fire development announcements. The head of Mistwalker tweeted on July 28th that the anticipated sequel to this year’s Fantasian was under development, showing off the character growth map as evidence of that claim.

He then tweeted on July 30th that it was “almost done”, prompting excitement from fans amidst mixed calls for the game to come to other platforms like Android devices.

With development evidently speeding along, we may very well see a 2021 release for Fantasian Part Two — though, it would seem still exclusive to Apple platforms via Apple Arcade. In the meantime, don’t miss Caitlin’s glowing review of Fantasian Part One.

Source: Siliconera

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