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Necrobarista, Garden Story, and Boyfriend Dungeon All Arriving on Switch… Today!

Glaive from Boyfriend Dungeon Stands Ready as the game is announced for Switch today

I love Nintendo Directs. There’s nothing quite like them. I also love Nintendo Indie World Directs. Sure, they don’t give us updates on first-party Switch titles the Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is totally what Nintendo’s still calling it publicly, But they give great developers a time to shine and draw in audiences that it might be difficult for those developers to nab through other venues. In other words, it’s a win-win for everybody.

Today’s Indie World Direct will go down in history as especially memorable, as not one, not two, but three of the games that were covered are also receiving surprise drops later today on the Switch. We’ll be cozying up with a cup of coffee in Necrobarista, planting crops and telling tales in Garden Story, and dating dungeons (OK, that’s not actually the premise) in Boyfriend Dungeon. All before the next time we sleep. Unless we take a nap. Or work third-shift. Or… you get the point.

Let’s talk a bit about each of these, shall we?

In Necrobarista, or rather, this new director’s cut version called Necrobarista: Final Pour, players can enjoy that rich aroma of anime-inspired social life through the ethically questionable lens of dead people who have been granted one last chance to mingle with the living. It’s not so much the mingling that’s questionable as the necromancy involved in making it happen, but honestly, coffee wakes me from the dead every morning. So, like, who cares?

Lush with 3D environments, new chapters and story content, and a new “Studio Mode” that lets players literally write their own dialogue for self-made scenes, Necrobarista: Final Pour is a delightful remix of an already-scrumptious visual novel. Go grab it on Switch right now. Yes, really! We’re not sure if the updates are coming to the Steam or Apple Arcade versions yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know if and when!

UPDATE 8/11: The developers, Route 59, tweeted just a little while after the presentation, that PC and Apple Arcade versions will be getting all of the new additions for free in the coming weeks. Some of the features, such as the story DLC, are already available, so everything else is just the cream of the coffee. That’s definitely a phrase now. Yep.

Ready to unify a broken community as the newly-appointed Guardian of The Grove? You’re not? Well, that’s too darn bad because Garden Story is coming to Nintendo Switch, you guessed it, today. A vibrant island, a nemesis called Rot, inhabitants to inspire, and fruity friends with appropriately fruity names all combine in this quirky RPG.

But honestly, just look at that launch trailer. It’s cute. I’d go so far as to label it kawaii, and I don’t label things kawaii often. Go play it. This one is also available today on Steam too. We’re spoilt for choice!

It’s a dungeon crawler! It’s a dating sim! It’s got a guy named Sunder who touts an eight-pack, and looks like some kind of 1980s vampire, and he has a scimitar, and it’s blood-red, and I don’t know where I’m going with this sentence except that I want to make his acquaintance! It’s Boyfriend Dungeon, and it’s got lines like “don’t tickle my hilt” for good measure, because what’s a boy-friendly dungeon without bladed innuendo?

There’s also a cat who wields knuckles and meows believably. I trust the cat is not a romance option. That would really litter the mood, wouldn’t it? You can grab the Switch version, but Boyfriend Dungeon is the most eligible and available bachelor of today’s releases, because it’s also out now on Steam, and Xbox Series and Xbox One via Game Pass.

And in case you want to check out (or relive) today’s Indie World in full, click on that handy, aptly-titled video below to see it all in splendor.

There are some cool-looking games in there that we simply do not happen to cover here at RPGFan, but many of us are fans of many different video game genres. So they’ve got us salivating. We don’t have game pages for them, but you know how it goes.

Expect more coverage of these games and many other titles announced today for the Switch, so stay tuned!

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