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Defend Aht Urhgan With Beastmen Allies In Final Fantasy XI’s August Update

Final Fantasy XI: August Update

As part of the ongoing The Voracious Resurgance storyline, players of Final Fantasy XI have a brand new content update, joining forces to defend the realm of Aht Urhgan with beastmen characters such as Ghastad, Megomak, and the lighting daddy himself, Ramuh.

Final Fantasy XI's version of Ramuh
The lightning daddy himself.

There’s also a new Ambuscade challenge against Ramuh and the adorable watermelonesque Citrullus! The Ambuscade, for those unfamiliar, are the dungeon instances where teams take on a featured monster to earn rewards.

And if that wasn’t enough, players can also enjoy the Sunbreeze Festival and Green Festival until August 31st, Bulk Up This Summer campaign, and the Summer Alter Ego Extravaganza, all of which grant the players a variety of awards, items, and leveling opportunities.

Final Fantasy XI August Update Raptor Mount
One of the many rewards available for the August Update via its login campaign!

For more information about the August Update and its main content, check out The Voracious Resurgance website.

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