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Play Collection of SaGa on Steam and Mobile this Fall

Collection of SaGa's logo next to several of the games' characters.

Nostalgic for more epic, old-school JRPG goodness on your phone or PC? Well, you’re in luck! Square Enix is bringing Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend to iOS and Android on September 22nd, and PC via Steam on October 21st. Check out this classic collection’s fresh new announcement trailer!

Collection of SaGa consists of ports — not remasters — of Final Fantasy Legend I, II, and III, the first three games in the popular SaGa series. Like last year’s Switch repackaging of these classics, Collection of SaGa for PC and mobile will come bearing bells and whistles to make these games more accessible to modern audiences: a character speed boost feature, adjustable screen magnification, new music, art, and wallpapers, and the option to play with Japanese or English text in-game. Collection of SaGa will also boast 4K compatibility on Steam and easy single-handed play on mobile. [Editor’s Note: If anyone had told me as a child that one day I could play my Game Boy “Final Fantasy” games in 4K resolution… well, I’d probably just ask what 4K was…]

To commemorate this new Steam and mobile release, players of the hit mobile game Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe are also in for a treat. You can listen to the first three SaGa titles’ soundtracks in Re:univerSe‘s Concert Hall and, for a limited time, enjoy generous login bonuses, new character styles, and special missions that can net you 2,000 jewels!

If you haven’t experienced the SaGa series’s roots, you owe it to yourself to give Collection of SaGa a look. Even 30 years after the series made its debut, Collection of SaGa‘s ambition, narratives, and soundtrack impressed our Zach Wilkerson when he reviewed the Switch version. So keep your eyes on RPGFan as we learn more about Collection of SaGa on Steam and mobile!

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