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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Soars Onto Nintendo Switch and PC in Summer 2022

A Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak screenshot of gothic archways backlit by a purple moon, with a man steeped in shadow holding a hilt of a long sword.

Capcom and Nintendo announced Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak during the most recent Nintendo Direct. Sunbreak acts as the first major expansion for Monster Hunter Rise, and is set to release during the summer of 2022 for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. Check out the trailer below!

Baroque ruins and a new imposing dragon-like monster seem to be headlining Sunbreak, with Capcom confirming that the expansion will include “an all new storyline with more new monsters, in addition to new locales, gameplay elements, quest rank and more.” The company promises that further information on Sunbreak will be revealed soon. My Zenny is on specific information being revealed at the Capcom presentation at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show which is slated to run from September 30th through October 3rd.

Monster Hunter Rise is set within Kamura Village, a feudal-Japan inspired town centred within the weapon-focused gameplay loop the series is famous for worldwide. Players take on the role of a novice hunter, taking their pick of 14 unique weapons with which they will try and hunt a wide variety of monsters across different locales, including ancient ruins, blistering deserts, and glacial islands. Monster Hunter Rise introduced a unique mechanic, known as the Wirebug, allowing players to dodge and attack in mid-air and off and use to traverse the environments.

If you’re curious about what RPGFan thought of Monster Hunter Rise, feel free to check out our review, penned by Des Miller! If you’re equally curious about what Sunbreak looks like, check out our updated media on our game hub, with a trio of new screenshots below:

Monster Hunter Rise is available now for Nintendo Switch and is slated to release for Windows PC systems in early 2022. Stay tuned to RPGFan for all news Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and RPG!

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