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New Difficulty Options and Outfits Come to Tales of Arise

Displays the in-game menu from Tales of Arise and art of six party members. The level, HP and SP are displayed for each of the six, as well as the parties CP. Options include Items, Artes, Equipment, Skill Panel, Strategy, Outfits, Field Guide and System.

A new update for Tales of Arise includes new DLC outfits, new weapons and training grounds, and new difficulty options.

The new costumes are a collaboration with Sword Art Online, so if you want Alphen and Shionne to look like Kirito and Asuna, this is the outfit pack for you. The DLC will also include new weapons for Alphen and a new Mystic Arte. The Sword Art Online Collaboration is priced at $15.99 USD. You can check out the costumes in the trailer below:

The new weapon and training grounds DLC includes brand new trials with new enemies for players to defeat.

This DLC is free for PC users by default, but console players can get it for free too by signing up on Bandai Namco’s website.

Lastly, two new difficulty options have been added to Tales of Arise. The new Very Easy mode is a perfect choice for players who just want to enjoy the story. For players looking for a challenge, Unknown difficulty ramps the difficulty up even higher than Chaos mode.

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