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Babylon’s Fall Receives Ten Huge Improvements From Player Feedback

Four companions get ready for battle in Babylon's Fall.

Babylon’s Fall has gone through two phases of its Closed Beta Tests so far, and, if you played the game during those times, you’ve improved the game for the better! Ahead of Phase 3 of the beta, Square Enix announced ten big improvements players like you have helped make the game better.

These improvements include:

  1. Improved Graphics – Players complained during Phase 2 that visibility was poor, and so the team have made closer objects sharper while maintaining the same oil-painting quality of the backgrounds in the distance.
  2. Improved Action – Combat movement was adjusted since some players felt the game was “sluggish” at times. You can see improved sword actions in the video below:

The team has also worked hard to add new actions for each type of weapon in the game: sword, rod, bow, hammer, and shield.

  1. Difficulty Adjustment Based on Players – Though Square Enix says a party of four players is still the optimal experience, the team added a feature where the the difficulty adjusts depending on the amount of players in your party, so parties with less than four people or solo adventures are completely possible.
  2. Equipment Effects Revised – Names of equipment effects during the demo were confusing for most players, so many of them have been renamed or revised.
  3. Updated Terminology – Many terms were confusing for players, so the team reviewed over 60 terms, some of which are not even in the betas, and renamed them for clarity. Examples include Vulcan mode changing to Standard mode, Mars mode to Strong mode, Diana mode to Technical mode, strength stat from VAL to POW, and overall health stat from Durability to Vitality.
  4. View Other Players’ Loadouts – Players wanted to see other people’s equipment loadouts, and developer Platinum Games delivered! You can view other players’ loadouts at basecamp locations or in quests.
  5. New Options – More options have been added to better customize the experience. Among the new options are more sound and graphic settings and a key configuration screen showing controls during quests, at base camp, and when performing special actions.
  6. Traveling Between Base Camps Has Been Streamlined – While payers could travel to friends’ base camps in earlier phases of the beta, it was a bit hard to figure out, so now the process is now easier than ever! Travel is now an option in the system menu.
  7. Facilities Are Easier to Spot in Base Camps – Players were having trouble finding what facilities could be interacted with or not at base camps. No more! Now, outlines will appear around objects that you can interact with, such as the quest board and gift item box.
  8. Tips Appear on Load Screens – Players complained about a lack of explanation on the game’s features. The result: tips are now included during loading screens to better explain.

For more improvements to the game ahead of the final beta, Square Enix held a special broadcast discussing the updates:

These improvements are only the beginning! Square Enix also released a list of features that were requested during the betas that will ultimately be implemented into the final release of Babylon’s Fall, which include:

Private base camps

The ability to hide headgear

Support for keyboard and mouse controls (Steam version)

Improvements to functionality, such as the ability to select multiple items to dismantle or sell all at once

More tutorials and help features

More features and additions are on the way. Square Enix and Platinum Games are still listening to player feedback, though not everything can be added since some feedback has been conflicting.

Either way, how can you get involved in improving Babylon’s Fall? Why, by participating in the next beta! Babylon’s Fall Phase 3 Closed Beta is available between November 15th and the 17th, now with PlayStation 5 support and cross-platform multiplayer. Apply for the closed beta before October 27th at 19:59 (PDT), and you might get the chance to help improve the game before its official release! Stay tuned to RPGFan for more Babylon’s Fall and everything RPG!

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