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Salt and Sacrifice ‘Dev Diary’ Trailer Released with New Launch Window

Salt and Sacrifice screenshot of a human firing a white fireball at a large ogre-like creature with horns and cloven feet.

The follow up to Salt and Sanctuary, the gorgeous and challenging indie adnevture, Salt and Sacrifice has received an update showing more of the game’s combat and inventory management. Announced back in June 2021, this next title seems poised to improve on the first.

Salt and Sacrifice seems to share a lot of what made the first game so unique, with the art and combat still the stars of the show. The art continues to stand out by having a very muted color pallete and appealing limited character animation. In addition to an in-depth gear crafting system, co-op is also featured, allowing players to join other’s worlds to lend a hand. With the updated release window, we now know that the game will have PC exclusivity on the Epic Games Store.

Salt and Sacrifice is set to release in Early 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. To keep up to date, stay tuned to our game page and read our Salt and Sanctuary review.

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Steven Mattern

Steven Mattern

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