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Steelrising Steeps Itself In Clockwork Combat In New Story Trailer

A still of artwork from Steelrising depicting a figure standing before the smoke-laden and ruined streets of 1789 Paris.

Publisher Navcon and developer Spiders have released a new story trailer for their upcoming action RPG Steelrising at the 2021 Game Awards. The trailer showcases its robotic protagonist wending their way through an alternate-history Paris steeped in chaos, combat and flame. Check it out below!

The trailer centralises players into its setting: an alternate history of Paris in the year 1789 where King Louis XVI has suppressed the French Revolution with an army of clockwork combatants. It then showcases Aegis—the protagonist of Steelrising. Players will take on the role of Aegis as they contend with the city before her, seeking to untangle the knots of an alternate broken Revolution and eventually subdue and defeat the Clockwork Tyrant.

Steelrising is set to release in June 2022 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and Windows PC via Steam.

Personally, I’m all for alternate takes on historical events, and this one looks to be a legitimate layup from Spiders from an aesthetic standpoint. I hope the gameplay will match the bombastic tone of its premise, because if so, this is definitely something to watch in the months to come. For all news Steelrising and RPG, stay tuned to RPGFan!

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Trent Argirov

Trent Argirov

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