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Retro Encounter 316 – Final Fantasy V Part I

Retro Encounter 316 Final Fantasy V

Four RPGFan panelists discuss the “odd one out” of the Final Fantasy 16-bit era, 1992’s Final Fantasy V.

For those who loved RPGs during the SNES era, there was a game that forever seemed out of reach: Final Fantasy V. This unlocalized title was so legendary that it inspired the very first fan translation of a video game. Though Squaresoft eventually localized FFV for PSX in 1999, many still think of it as the black sheep of the Final Fantasy family. In today’s Retro, our panel will talk about their history with the game, comb through the first half of the story, and examine how the expertly crafted job system impacted future titles in the series and beyond!

Featuring: Jonathan Logan, Audra Bowling, Cory Tischbein, Quinton O’Connor; Edited by Jonathan Logan

Opening and ending music by Miles Morkri

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Jonathan Logan

Jonathan Logan

Jonathan (he/him), or Jono for short, is the host of Random Encounter and the Reviews Manager for RPGFan. While reviewing a game, he has been known to drink up to 10 cups of tea to keep focused (Earl Grey, milk, no sugar). Fun fact: Jono holds a Masters of Music Theatre degree, which is only slightly less useful than it sounds.

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