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Dark Deity Launches on Nintendo Switch March 17th

Dark Deity artwork of four adventurers standing at the edge of a cliff looking over a vast field and sky-high tower below.

Turn-based strategy RPG Dark Deity, a title inspired by classic titles of the genre such as Fire Emblem, finally releases on the Nintendo Switch on March 17th. Developer Sword and Axe, alongside publisher Freedom Games initially launched the game exclusively on PC in June of last year to high praise from critics. Many drew comparisons between Dark Deity and popular Nintendo franchise Fire Emblem, so the title is seemingly perfect for the Nintendo Switch audience.

In Dark Deity you follow Brookstead Military Academy recruits Irving, Garrick, Maren and Alden as they are thrown into war following their graduation. In order to overcome the challenges of war, the group must ready themselves and the allies they recruit along their journey. Players must also deal with Sword and Axe’s spin on perma-death, The Grave Wounds system. Units in Dark Deity are not permanently lost following their death, but instead are burdened with brutal injuries that permanently and negatively affect their stats which can drastically alter the outcome of battle.

The Switch version debuts alongside a host of graphical and gameplay improvements. These changes include reworked environmental art across all maps, rebalancing of over 320 weapons, and new combat strategies hidden within the different class trees. These updates will also come to the Steam version of the game alongside the Switch launch next month. For those who are fans of the turn-based tactics genre, the next few weeks are suddenly looking very exciting with the release of Triangle Strategy on March 4th, Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp on April 8th and now Dark Deity coming to Nintendo Switch on March 17th.

For more on Dark Deity, make sure to check out our review of the PC version of the game by Audra Bowling!

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