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Elden Ring Centers Itself On Brutal Combat & Sweeping Ambitions In New Launch Trailer

Elden Ring screenshot of an armored warrior with a double-edged spear on a ram-like beast confronting a feathered bird-like dragon in a swamp under the moonlight.

Bandai Namco Entertainment America and FromSoftware have released a new trailer for Elden Ring, centering players firmly in the themes of the Lands Between: brutal combat, sweeping ambition, and a decaying, beautiful world. Check it out below!

Elden Ring tells the story of the Tarnished, the protagonist and player character, who is guided by ambition to journey into the Lands Between and obtain the Elden Ring to then become an Elden Lord; a deific figure of extreme power within the mythos of the game.

To obtain such power, players must traverse an expansive open world, exploring ancient sites both above and beneath the earth. This exploration is laden with the signature style of adverse but fair action-orientated gameplay FromSoftware has been refining for over a decade from Demon’s Souls to the present day.

The trailer above promises a grandiose time, doesn’t it? There’s also a shield-cannon, being fired at a dragon, and that’s just the best. I cannot stress how much I am personally looking forward to this game, and I imagine I’m hardly alone. Elden Ring is set to launch on February 25th for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Stay tuned for more on Elden Ring and all news RPG!

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Trent Argirov

Trent Argirov

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