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Check out the Disgaea 6 Complete Character Trailer and Release Date

Zed, the protagonist of Disgaea 6 Complete, clenches his fist with green electricity rippling around it.

NIS America recently released a trailer detailing the characters added to Disgaea 6 Complete. The game releases on June 28th, and you can check out the new trailer below:

The trailer includes several classic Disgaea characters, including my favorite sardine-loving vampire protagonist, Valvatorez. Disgaea 6 Complete features one of the series’ zaniest adventures yet, following Zed, a zombie who repeatedly dies and comes back stronger on his quest to God of Destruction.

If the trailer has you excited to jump in, Limited Edition copies of Disgaea 6 Complete are available for preorder now on the NISA Online Store. On the other hand, If you’re on the fence, you can check out our review of the original version, Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny.

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Brian Mackenzie

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