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Wholesome Direct Returns This June

Wholesome Direct 2022 Art

Wholesome Games have announced on Twitter that the Wholesome Direct will return this June!

Whether or not we get an E3 this year is still unknown at this point, but Wholesome Games have announced that they will be hosting a Wholesome Direct in June regardless. The Wholesome Games community was founded by indie game developer Matthew Taylor in an effort to highlight and curate games that revolve around comfort, compassion and cosiness. This year’s Wholesome Direct will be the third annual event and promises exclusive footage, interviews and announcements.

For RPG fans, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about the exciting new indie RPGs on the horizon. In previous Directs, we’ve been treated to some really great announcements including Garden Story, Moonglow Bay, and Haven, so it will be well worth tuning in to get your RPG fix.

It’s also worth noting that anyone who is developing a game is welcome to submit their game for consideration to be featured in the Direct.

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