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Permadeath RPG Holomento Launches into Early Access April 27th

Hero is standing on a hilltop; there is a castle in the distance.

Following its successful Kickstarter campaign and Alpha phase, Holomento will launch into Early Access starting April 27th on Steam and GOG.

Publisher Deck13 alongside developer Sean Weech have announced that players will soon be able to embark upon their journey through Eventide Hollow. For those interested in jumping into the Early Access, Deck13 have provided a brief overview in regards to the title.

Holomento is an Indie Permadeath Action-RPG focusing on the dangerous quest of passing through the mysterious Eventide Hollow – and rebuilding it step by step.

A horrible curse was laid upon the land and Eventide Hollow fell into despair. The source of the curse was also its only protection from it: the Holomento.
Holomento enables you to write your own story as generations of Travelers pass through a land desperate for help. Open shortcuts, reveal secrets, locate ancient relics, and build improvements to enhance the Hollow for future travels.

Due to the curse, travelling through Eventide Hollow is quite dangerous, with many enemies that you will have to deal with. Thankfully, Travelers are well versed in handling all kinds of weaponry, from swords and bows to handguns and… grenade launchers?

During your journeys, you will have the opportunity to restore the Hollow to its former glory! Upgrading shops and homes, rebuilding towns, and improving the Hollow will help you on your future journeys.


The Early Access version of the game promises hours of content full of action, as you explore the massive handcrafted overworld of Eventide Hollow. Players can expect to be able to take on the first dungeon, begin rebuilding the first town, and start contributing to filling up the museum when Holomento enters Early Access on April 27th!

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