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Monster-Taming RPG Creature Keeper Coming to PC in 2023

Creature Keeper Artwork of a smiling boy hanging out with a wolf, chicken, giant frog, bat, and more creatures.

Publisher Graffiti Games, alongside developer Fervir Games, have announced the Creature Keeper will release on PC via Steam in 2023. During the recent MIX 10th Anniversary Showcase, a new gameplay trailer was also revealed which you can check out below:

Creature Keeper is a monster-taming game where you fight alongside the creatures you’ve befriended in real time. Form a party of your favourite creatures and strengthen them by cooking yummy food, crafting trinkets, earning power ups via your Pocket Garden, and nabbing unlockables from the Bestiary.

Graffiti Games via Steam

Following the top-down action-adventure RPG’s successful Kickstarter campaign, it has been revealed that Creature Keeper will be releasing sometime next year! The title is inspired by a multitude of games including Zelda, Rune Factory, Diablo, Path of Exile and even Ragnarok Online. Creature Keeper‘s Kickstarter page goes into great detail explaining what players can expect from the game, with key features including:

  • 50 Unique creaturesĀ to befriend and fight alongside with. Assemble your dream team from the ground up!
  • AĀ polished combatĀ system built upon fluid animations and tight controls.
  • AĀ varietyĀ of weapons, skills, and magic to customize your playstyle with.
  • TheĀ Pocket Garden: A farm on the go. Grow ingredients, buffs, equipment, and more without ever needing to return to town. Useful both inside and out of combat!
  • AĀ cooking system,Ā based on creatures’ tastes, to power up creatures! LearnĀ recipesĀ from eating foods and as you level yourĀ cooking skills.Ā 
  • The Bestiary: More knowledge = more power! Raising or fighting creatures will level upĀ BestiaryĀ EntriesĀ which grant descriptions, notes, skills, player stats and more
  • Colorful, fluidly-animatedĀ sprites interacting inĀ hand-designed environments.Ā 
  • Original musicĀ andĀ soundĀ designĀ done by the same person making the gameplay and art – me!

Currently there is no word on an exact release date for Creature Keeper, it’s also unknown whether the title will receive a console release. Make sure to keep an eye out on RPGFan, where we will be sure to cover any updates as they are made available. In the meantime a demo for Creature Keeper is available now on, for those who want to give the game a try!

Source: Fervir Games via Kickstarter

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