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RPG Maker Unite Will Be First in 1080p and More Improvements

RPG Maker Unite screenshot of the app's interface as a user builds a quaint town with straw roofed homes.

RPG Maker Unite is the latest in the long-running series of role-playing game development tools by Kadokawa Games, this time developed and published by subsidiary Gotcha Gotcha Games. The software is scheduled to release sometime in 2022 for Windows and macOS, and the developers have shared information on new features and enhancements that designers can expect.

For one, Unite will be the first to render in native Full HD (1080p), fulfilling a long-standing request from users. This permits game assets to be more detailed and expressive, which is a win no matter how you slice it. What’s more is that the UI has become tab-based, streamlining work processes and making it more convenient to tool around. Check out our screenshots further below to see the new and improved interface.

Unite will come packaged with a sample game like past entries in the series. The developers have shared previews of the two main characters, Miguel and Sharon, and they look charming! Depending on the type of RPG you want to make, they could be of good use to you as a base. If you’re unfamiliar and wondering what’s possible with RPG Maker Unite, the recent visual stunner Omori was created on a previous version of the software.

Get RPG Maker Unite for Free Via Unity

It must be mentioned that Unite is the first to be built on the Unity Engine. Existing Unity users with Personal or Student licenses will be able to access the software free of charge, so those of you on those plans or eligible for them will definitely want to look into that.

Gotcha Gotcha Games have started a monthly Dev Log on the software’s Steam page that’s chock-full of useful info—more than we’ve shared here. Visit the website and follow on Twitter for the latest. I suspect that we’ll start to see games built with RPG Maker Unite before long, so always be checking RPGFan to discover them!

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