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Lonesome Village Coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC in 2022

Lonesome Village Screenshot of Wes the fox standing near a fountain in a quiet village, lit by streetlights.

Developer Ogre Pixel has announced that Lonesome Village will release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC sometime in 2022! The title is a mix of genres, including action adventure, puzzle, and life simulation, and draws inspiration from popular titles such as The Legend of Zelda series and Stardew Valley. Previously, the title was only confirmed to be coming to Xbox and PC, however Ogre Pixel has now revealed the title will also be coming to Nintendo Switch in a new trailer on YouTube:

Lonesome Village is a cozy, quiet town struggling to rebuild after a strange calamity wiped out their homes. Take on the role of Wes the coyote and help bring this village back from the brink of destruction in a puzzle-filled life sim!

Ogre Pixel

Lonesome Village Key Features

The title’s Steam page gives us some insight into what players should expect when the game releases later this year; these key features include:

  • Gorgeous, inviting art style – Lonesome Village is the perfect place to rest up after a long day adventuring.
  • Discover a detailed and fascinating world full of mystery and adventure.
  • Solve mind-bending puzzles to gain entry to and make your way up a mysterious magic tower, one dungeon at a time.
  • Hang out and make friends with a variety of cute characters.
  • Save villagers from a perilous stay in the tower and help bring them back home to Lonesome!
  • Make Lonesome your home – earn land in the village, and build, and customize your house inside and out.
  • Help Lonesome grow by working in your garden and fishing in the nearby lakes.
  • Discover the gripping story of Lonesome’s origins and learn about Wes’ secret past.

Lonesome Village is set to release sometime in 2022! We don’t currently have an exact release date, so make sure to keep an eye out on RPGFan, where we’ll provide an update once the information is made available. In the meantime, you can always have a look at Lonesome Village‘s Kickstarter page for additional information.

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