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May’s Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Event Debuts New Monsters, Features, Amiibo, and Even a Special Switch Pro Controller

A terrifying dragon monster from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event for May has come and gone, and in its wake we have new information aplenty on monsters, various gameplay aspects, and some neat peripherals. Let’s start with the latest trailer for a quick overview then dive straight into a recap of the show.

Several Monsters Reappear in Sunbreak While a New One Emerges

You can read the press release excerpt below for the full explanation, but all you need to know is that the Flying Wyvern Seregios from 4 Ultimate and Generations will return in Sunbreak, while new elemental variants of Rise‘s Almudron and Somnacanth show up. The terrifying new Elder Dragon Malzeno will debut, doing freaky things with blood-sucking parasites and inflicting the “bloodblight” status effect on poor, unsuspecting hunters. What I could hear of its theme music in the presentation is suitably grand, befitting an Elder Dragon.

Known as the “thousand-edged dragon,” the Flying Wyvern Seregios makes a triumphant return
in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This incredibly territorial combatant is known for its highflying maneuvers and incredibly sharp Bladescales coating its body. Hunters caught unaware when Seregios sheds its scales run the risk of receiving the “bleed” status, so they should keep
their weapons sharp and their wits sharper. In addition to returning monsters receiving new
abilities and behaviors when appearing in Master Rank quests, two new subspecies for monsters
introduced in Monster Hunter Rise will be arriving in the expansion. The newly unveiled Aurora
Somnacanth releases a constant chilling mist that threatens to freeze anything that gets too
close. This adaptation allows it to smoothly glide across ice to strike prey, and exhale a powerful
ice breath. Magma Almudron on the other hand, prefers the intense heat of the Lava Caverns,
and augments its attacks with molten stone to overwhelm any would-be hunters.

While all of these monsters are more than capable of bringing hunters to their knees, the Elder
Dragon Malzeno has the capacity to bring entire kingdoms crumbling down. Malzeno commands
a mysterious swarm of parasitic entities that capture and then absorb the energy of their prey.
When engaging directly in combat, the Elder Dragon attacks with an elegance and ferocity
worthy of its inspiration, the vampire. Once it inflicts its prey with the “bloodblight” status, the two
begin a duel to determine whose life force will run out first. Should the hunter fail, Malzeno
evolves into an even more terrible form to wreak havoc on their surviving foes.

Sunbreak‘s Swap Ability Lends You Combat Flexibility, Follower Quests Provide New Single Player Content

Hunters will be able to learn new Switch Skills for each of the 14 weapon types, and use the new Switch Skill Swap ability “to assign Switch Skills to two different loadouts which can be changed on the fly during a hunt.” The Swap Evade technique will let players avoid danger mid-Swap. The official Monster Hunter social channels will be sharing a video series on the new Switch Skills starting May 16th, so definitely keep posted on those. By the way, Sunbreak also adds a variety of quality of life tweaks, such as new control options and wall-dashing without using a Wiredash.

As you progress through the story, you’ll encounter Follower Quests, which are new single player hunts alongside Rise‘s “charming cast of characters” that net you exclusive rewards.

Each Follower has their own specialization, and will even assist players by recovering their health, placing traps, and even riding monsters to turn the tide of battle. Members of Elgado Outpost such as Fiorayne, Luchika, Jae, Admiral Galleus, and Master Arlow will be accessible as Followers, in addition to members of Kamura Village such as Hinoa and Minoto.

Learn About Sunbreak‘s Deluxe Edition, Special Amiibo, and the Special Switch Pro Controller

Per the presentation, the digital Deluxe Edition will come with the following, but you can just buy all these separately too.

  • “Dragonsbane” Hunter layered armor set
  • “C Hound” Palamute layered armor set
  • “F Devout” Palico layered armor set
  • “Take Aim” gesture set
  • Fight Pose Set
  • “Elegant Eye” makeup
  • “Fluffy Curls” hairstyle

You’ll be able to buy Rise and Sunbreak as a set if you don’t already own the base game. All versions with the expansion will include two special purchase bonuses: the “Striped Cat Costume” Palico layered armor set and the “Loyal Dog Costume” Palamute layered armor set. As far as physical items go, there’s going to be 3 new amiibo—Malzeno, Felyne Malzeno (Palico), and Canyne Malzeno (Palamute)—each of which unlock special layered armor sets. Lastly, a special Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Edition of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be available for purchase too.

Just one more thing: if you have Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin save data, you can unlock Navirou layered armor for your Palico in Sunbreak. It’s cute!

Whew. That’s basically all we learned from the May Digital Event. You can pre-order Sunbreak on the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam (here are separate links for the Deluxe Editions: Switch and Steam). For the latest MonHun news, definitely swing by RPGFan!

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