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New Gameplay From Thirsty Suitors Revealed During Tribeca Games Showcase

Thirsty Suitors Artwork of two sisters dressed in punkish clothing over a two-toned heart backdrop with the game logo.

Video games have been game-ifying conversations for ages, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the concept handled quite like Thirsty Suitors. A game about culture, family, and relationships from Outerloop Games and publisher Annapurna Interactive, Thirsty Suitors is a turn-based RPG where protagonist Jala will have to contend with the expectations of her family, her various exes, and more before her sister’s wedding.

First revealed during last year’s Game Awards, we got a closer look at the game during the Tribeca Games Showcase. You can give it a look below, starting at around the 17:00 minute mark.

Thirsty Suitors Gameplay

See below for a summary of how Thirsty Suitors plays and blends genres, plus take a look at some screenshots.

Battle Your Exes. Disappoint Your Parents. Find Yourself.
From Outerloop Games comes Thirsty Suitors – a game about culture, relationships, family pressures, and expressing oneself.

Can Jala handle her demanding parents, reconcile with her exes, and mend broken friendships in time for her sister’s wedding? Will she be ready for the impending visit of Nani, the family’s terrifying and judgmental matriarch?

Through the game’s story, Jala will confront her exes in cinematic, turn-based battle sequences.

Turn-based, over-the-top combat with upgrades, special abilities, and a unique mood system that lets you take advantage of vulnerabilities. Take the fight to skate punks, random suitors, and ultimately, your exes.

Skate, grind, and wall-run across Timber Hills with intricate movesets, combos, and challenges. Unravel the mysteries of Bearfoot Park while battling skate punks and their leader, Soundie the Bear.

Try to impress your mom and repair your relationship with action-packed cooking segments, while exploring a rich menu of delicious South Asian inspired dishes.

For more information (and to wishlist the game!), head on over to Thirsty SuitorsSteam page. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more coverage of your favorite games!

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