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Roots of Pacha is a Stone Age Farming Sim Launching in 2022

Roots of Pacha artwork

A brand new farming sim from Argentinian devs Soda Den called Roots of Pacha was featured during this year’s Summer Game Fest. Check out the video below, which gives an overview of the prehistoric setting, town building, and several resource-gathering activities, such as fishing, mining, animal domesticating, and—you guessed it—farming! There’s actually a lot more to do in Roots of Pacha, just like Stardew Valley and classic Harvest Moon.

According to the devs, Roots of Pacha‘s Stone Age theme was inspired by the book Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel. Here’s the official description from the press release.

Roots of Pacha is a stone age farming sim where you help your clan develop the ideas that
shaped humanity. In a time when there weren’t stores to buy seeds or anything else, you’ll
transform the world around you by contributing and working with your clan.
Be a part of a thriving stone age community. Discover “ideas,” domesticate crops, befriend
animals, and grow your village. Play with friends in co-op or explore the early days of civilization
in single-player.


• Explore and build in a primitive world. A fertile, vibrant land awaits! Fish in streams
and rivers, discover unique flora and fauna and mine the mysterious caves for

• Grow and harvest. Start your own farming revolution and invent the tools and
techniques to build a prosperous village from nothing.

• Develop Ideas. With a world ripe for discovery you’ll find ways to improve your everyday
life. Like the invention of the “sundial” to track time or the concept of a “well” to make
watering your crops easier.

• Expand your village. Construct buildings, invite others into the clan, and transform your
settlement into an agricultural marvel. Build on the Ideas you develop to discover new
buildings or irrigation.

• Join the clan. In a lively community where they all cooperate, develop friendships, and
even find love! Your interactions with the clan will impact how they react to not just you,
but the world itself.

• Into the spiritual world. You’ll discover a mysterious structure that seems to call to you
and explore the depth of Pacha’s caves. Answer this greater calling and meet a cast of
animal totems along the way.

• Make it yours. Customize your character’s appearance from a diverse range of
hairstyles, outfits, and skin tones. Design and decorate your home and the village to
make it reflect your style.

• Play with friends. Invite up to 3 friends to join your village. Live with them (or keep your
distance), share talents and resources, and celebrate festivals, where each player can
contribute to communal dinners or compete in music contests!

Roots of Pacha launches this year on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store with “major consoles planned.” Until then, you can wishlist the game on those platforms. We’ll let you know as soon as more news comes out for this game, so stay with RPGFan!

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