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Roguelite Action RPG The Unliving Enters Early Access October 31st

The Unliving artwork of the game's logo and a necromancer in a metal mask with glowing eyes carrying a bone scythe gesturing at the viewer with a glowing clawed hand.

The Unliving is a zombie-themed roguelite action RPG unveiled during the recent IGN Expo, and it’s coming to Steam Early Access on October 31st. (How apropos…)

Check out the trailer below, and read on to learn more about The Unliving.

Each fallen foe can be resurrected and added to your army to create unlimited legions of the dead. These re-animated creatures have their own unique abilities, such as the undead Priest whose blessings in life, will now curse your enemies in death.

Only some of the living are helpless victims, the rest can retaliate against your forces. They hold the line, move in large groups and wield powerful abilities too. They cherish their lives and will not fall easily, so unleash hell as the Undead Lord to bring them to their knees.

The world is randomly generated for each run and is richly populated with an array of creatures, artefacts, secret rooms and deadly traps. Each part of the world is occupied by a variety of living inhabitants – invade villages and slay feeble peasants to reinforce your army or engage in a desperate fight to the death in the swamps against formidable foes.

Collect cryptic notes, force answers out of your enemies and study the writings of the ancient artefacts to gather the lost memories of the Necromancer piece by piece as you reveal the nature of his immortality, the secrets of his phylactery companion and find out the grim truth about the supreme hierarchies of the Church.

The powerful creatures of this shadowy world will do all they can to stop you. Each boss has a unique fighting style and set of abilities, meaning deftness in combat and strategic thinking will be crucial in emerging victorious from these grueling encounters.

The ability to deny death itself is the greatest secret of the Necromancer. Another mortal strike is merely a setback for him. Take a lesson from your death and don’t let your enemies catch you the same way twice.

The official website should have even more info for you. There’s a free demo that just got updated following feedback from players, so head on over to The Unliving‘s Steam page if you’re interested. On pricing, developer RocketBrush Studio says it’ll likely rise gradually as the game updates, which means picking it up around launch is your best bet.

Stay tuned to RPGFan for more The Unliving news!

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