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New Keylocker Gameplay Footage Unveiled

A battle screenshot from Keylocker.

Developer Moonana unveiled a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming rhythmic cyberpunk RPG Keylocker during the Guerrilla Collective 2022 showcase. The footage shows protagonist BOBO’s hacker twin, Dealer, and the robotic drummer Rocket embarking on a rescue mission together. A turn-based battle system utilizing a grid scheme features prominently, emphasizing careful planning and strategy for each move. Keylocker‘s seemingly robust skill system is also featured, as Rocket goes through some updates after acquiring special items called keys from the fight. The trailer mentions the possibility of connecting classes through the skill system and therefore creating unique hybrid ones to further customize your party.

Keylocker is set in a world where music is outlawed, but BOBO’s very songs are electric. Shape electricity as you see fit during combat using the power of song in turn-based, rhythm-centric battles. You can also alter the game’s endings by your decisions regarding how to approach everyday citizenry, play music with your bandmates as long as you can get away with it without law enforcement finding you, fully customize your characters for the battles that lie ahead, and explore Saturn to your heart’s content to uncover its many secrets.

Keylocker is poised to release “when it’s ready” for PC, Nintendo Switch, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Stay tuned to RPGFan for further news! A demo is currently available as part of Steam Next Fest on Keylocker‘s Steam page!

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Audra Bowling

Audra Bowling

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