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Frozen Flame Sets Steam Ablaze with a Demo and Fall 2022 Early Access

Ready your party in Frozen Flame.

While this summer might be scorching, there’s one game looking to freeze this flaming heat! During the PC Gaming Show, Dreamside Interactive and Ravenage Publishing released a new trailer for their open world survival RPG, Frozen Flame. Furthermore, a demo will be available until June 20th on Steam, and the game hits Early Access this fall.

Cool off with this hot new trailer:

Throughout Steam Next Fest, players can traverse the starting area, Cradle of Keepers, as well as take part in the “Survival” mode. In “Survival” mode, players join dedicated servers to band together to claim islands, build fortresses, and battle to the death. You can download the demo now from the game’s Steam page.

About Frozen Flame

Frozen Flame invites you to explore the vast, mysterious, and hostile procedurally generated world of dragons made in Unreal Engine. Ridden by the curse it now beckons for souls capable of harnessing the power of the dragons’ magic. Those who seek to govern over these lands will have to amass power and allies to bring the fight to the Ice Citadel, home of the Faceless that spreads rot over the realm.

Tailored for those who love to explore, Frozen Flame offers so much more than just an open world full of beautiful vistas and ancient ruins riddled with pests. With a fully developed progression system, it’s up to you to take the pass you want to go and endure the harsh world full of mystery, threatening enemies, and gigantic creatures guarding the secrets of this world. Play alone or with friends on locally hosted games, join official online realms, or rent a private server and fully customize your playing experience.

Stay tuned to RPGFan as we unearth more about Frozen Flame!

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