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Spells & Secrets Casts a New Trailer, Set to Release Summer 2022

Cast spells with a friend in Spells & Secrets.

How would you like to join a friend at a magical school of wizardry? No, not that one. Developer Rokaplay revealed a new trailer for their upcoming co-op RPG, Spells & Secrets, during the recent Guerrilla Collective and Future of Play events.

Customize your character and sling spells with a friend in the trailer below:

Read about Spells & Secrets via the game’s Steam page:

In this rogue-like inspired action adventure, you free the wizard Academy of Greifenstein from magical creatures by using your spells in creative ways. Play in local co-op, customize your own student wizard, solve mysteries and find powerful artifacts in this modern magical world.

If you’ve always wanted to be a wizarding student with magical powers, if you love to explore fantastic worlds and uncover hidden mysteries, “Spells & Secrets” is the perfect game for you.

Use the numerous spells in creative ways to fight off magical creatures or to solve puzzles.

Create your character from extensive options and unlock more possibilities. You can choose from a variety of:

– Choose your body type

– Choose your preferred clothes (regardless of gender)

– Create your face from a large selection of prefabricated, eye color, eyebrows, (regardless of gender)

– Nose and eye shape change depending on the face you choose

– Choose your own hair color (you can also mix 2!)

– choose your skin color

– Choose from different Accessories

– Choose your own height

– Choose your own makeup


– Use your spells creatively against magical creatures or to solve puzzles

– Create your character from extensive options and unlock more possibilities

– Save and help your classmates

– Explore the ever-changing school castle Greifenstein

– Find many clues about the world & its inhabitants

– Improve your character permanently

– Find powerful artifacts and use useful potions

– Play in 2 player local co-op mode; online via Steam Remote Play

– Experience optimized controller and mouse & keyboard controls


In “Spells & Secrets”, you are a first-year student of the magic arts, arriving at the Academy of Greifenstein. Set in a world and time like ours, you are excited to live and learn together with your fellow students and professors at the impressive magical castle.
A strange incident on your first day throws the school into turmoil. It’s up to you to save the ever-changing castle and rescue your lost schoolmates. Use your spells creatively to fight off magical creatures, explore the school grounds and uncover the castle’s secrets to reveal the mystery surrounding it.

Spells & Secrets launches on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam sometime during Summer 2022. Stay tuned to RPGFan as we learn the exact date!

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