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Design Homes And Work Together In the Newly Announced Pixelshire

Pixelshire screenshot of a character setting up a small workbench outside a blacksmith's shop in a colorful town dotted with trees.

Developer Kappa Bits and publisher Merge Games showed off a new trailer for upcoming farming sim and adventure game Pixelshire during the Wholesome Direct 2022 event.

Watch the trailer and check out the first screenshots below:

About Pixelshire

Pixelshire will allow players to terraform not only their own farm but the entire town surrounding it, including designing your own house as well as the houses of the townsfolk you meet along the way. The game promises to have all of the traditional trappings of a faming simulation, though you can also pursue other careers if you so choose! You can manage your very own store as well. Arcadia has a wealth of secrets to uncover and adventures to be had, including procedurally generated areas. Make friends with the other residents by helping them out (potentially learning something new as a reward even), possibly finding love along the way too. Townsfolk can even join you in your exploration quests! Pixelshire can be approached at any pace you so desire.

Some additional notable details (from the game’s Steam page) follow:

  • Develop the perfect town and farm of your dreams with terraforming features that allow you to carve and craft the landscape.
  • Build and decorate your own unique house.
  • Build your farm, plant, and grow crops and raise livestock.
  • Choose from a variety of trades. Farming, mining, woodcutting, fishing, cooking, brewing, and more are all waiting to be mastered!
  • Manage your shop and sell valuable items you find in your adventures, or goods that you produce.
  • Travel and fight your way through enchanted forests, mountain jungles, and many more.

Pixelshire looks to be a rather charming take on the faming sim genre. The game will be entering Early Access via Steam in early 2023, and will be releasing on PC. Stay tuned to RPGFan for further updates!

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