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Coffee Brewing Meets Card Battling in Affogato, Demo Launches July 29th

Affogato screenshot

Affogato is a new JRPG that blends coffeeshop management, card battling, and tower defense, coming in 2023 from the Shanghai-based Befun Studio and publisher Spiral Up Games. It’s coming out on Steam, where a demo will release on July 29th. The trailer music is kind of a bop though? You can read the overview and feature list further down.

In this JRPG the player will take the role of Affogato, a new in town sorceress who is managing a cafe in Arorua. Players will jump into an anime universe that combines 3D environments with 2D characters and meet all kinds of customers, hear their stories — and travel into their minds to defeat their inner demons by switching to reverse tower defense gameplay style. Experience both the city everyday life and magical world of a pretty maiden with supernatural powers!


Brand New Reversed Tower Defense System with Cards
Reversed tower defense combat awaits once players step into the mind of a wicked customer. It’s a system that combines various card-game mechanics: choose the best cards for each stage, evaluate their cost, the route to take, and how to best use the skill and item cards in real time.

Climb the Career Ladder of Professional Coffee Baristas
Making a good cuppa is the foundation of being a barista. To be a truly great barista, however, you need to weigh up a customer’s words and judge which brew is perfect for them. Bring a smile with every cup you make! Affogato features realistic coffee-making simulation in which you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the workings of various equipment to make your brew. Different Zavors and blends will have knock-on effects on the storyline dialogue.

Schedule Your Daily life as a Sorceress
Manage your time wisely. Will you focus on your cafe’s profit? Or on your friendships with each customer? Or maybe you’re more interested in creating the strongest deck you can? Or perhaps all of the above! Every action costs time in Affogato. Once the clock hits 12 PM, the next day will roll around, so you’ll need to plan each day with care.

Build Unique Friendships by Helping Customers
Get to know customers of all varieties, hear their stories, step into their minds and solve what’s troubling them. You can even pursue closer relationships with those you feel attracted to! There are 6 NPCs with whom you can interact, each one with a whopping 10,000 words of unique storylines.

This is Befun’s debut game, which makes its scope so much more impressive. I’m so rooting for them! I was going to say something else, but Affogato. (You won’t believe my restraint right now.)

Oh, actually, yeah—keep reading RPGFan for more news on upcoming oddball indies!

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