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Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Announced for Switch and PS4, Out February 16th (Updated)

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Square Enix has announced a new entry in the Theatrhythm series of rhythm games, set to debut on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on February 16th, 2023. Titled Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, the title will feature 385 songs from across the Final Fantasy series.

An additional 90 songs will be available as downloadable content, including songs from other game series such as NieR and SaGa. The game’s Digital Deluxe edition will also include 27 exclusive songs, including “Melodies of Life” from Final Fantasy IX.

Update: We wanted to add a bit more here! After the initial presentation, we learned that Final Bar Line will include online multiplayer for up to 8 players. The 385 included songs span 46 games in the Final Fantasy series, spanning FFIFFXV, plus “remakes, spin-offs and various different soundtrack CDs.” With that many games represented comes a huge roster of characters to recruit: 104 in total! Finally, Theatrhythm Final Bar Line will include a music player to listen to any of the music you have unlocked, and a theatre mode to view any of the movies whenever you want.

Check out the announcement trailer below!

The fan-favorite rhythm action series returns with THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE when it launches digitally and physically on February 16, 2023 on Nintendo Switch and PS4. Digital pre-orders are now available in Nintendo eShop and in the My Nintendo Store on and will be available later today on PS4.

Featuring 385 FINAL FANTASY tracks in the base game, the Digital Deluxe and Premium Digital Deluxe Editions include music from various SQUARE ENIX series, such as NieR, SaGa, LIVE A LIVE, OCTOPATH TRAVELER and more. With three game modes to enjoy and over 100 FINAL FANTASY characters, players can form their dream music battle party, and by using both local and online multiplayer play modes, with additional DLC content to explore following the game’s launch, players have plenty look forward to as they embark on a colorful and musical journey this winter.

Update: More Song Details

While we don’t yet have a complete tracklist for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, we have an overview of what to expect in the base game and DLC packs.

The base game will retail for $49.99 USD and include the aforementioned 385 tracks. The Digital Deluxe Edition will include the base game, 27 “special music tracks” (detailed below), and the 30 tracks that make up Season 1 of the DLC for $79.99. Finally, for $99.99, the Premium Digital Deluxe Edition includes the base game, 27 special tracks, and all 90 DLC tracks for a total of 502 tracks. While the base music is all Final Fantasy, like with previous games in the series, the DLC music explores more of Square Enix’s catalog of titles.

See below for the series represented in each pack!

Special music tracks (27 tracks)

Featuring “Eyes On Me”, “Melodies Of Life”, “To Zanarkand”, “A Long Fall (Scions and Sinners: Band) and more.

Season Pass 1 (total of 30 tracks)

  • SaGa Pack (7 tracks)
  • LIVE A LIVE Pack (4 tracks)
  • The World Ends with You Pack (6 tracks)
  • NieR Pack (5 tracks)
  • SaGa Pack Vol. 2 (8 tracks)

Season Pass 2 (total of 30 tracks)

  • NieR Pack Vol. 2 (6 tracks)
  • CHRONO Pack (6 tracks)
  • CHRONO Pack Vol. 2 (6 tracks)
  • Mana Pack (7 tracks)
  • OCTOPATH TRAVELER Pack (5 tracks)

Season Pass 3 (total of 30 tracks)

  • SaGa Pack Vol. 3 (7 tracks)
  • Mana Pack Vol. 2 (6 tracks)
  • Xenogears Pack (3 tracks)
  • ??? Pack (6 tracks)
  • ??? Pack (8 tracks)

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Screenshots

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