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Toby Fox Provides 2022 Deltarune Status Update

Deltarune screenshot

Renowned indie developer Toby Fox has provided an update on the development status of Deltarune in celebration of Chapter 2‘s first anniversary. Toby thanked everyone for their ongoing support and explained that the team is still working hard “to make something that will excite and delight fans of weird role-playing games”.

You can find the full development update below:

As stated last time, we’ve been simultaneously working on Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of Deltarune. A few more people are helping out, and the pace of the game creation is definitely improved from last time. The intention was to work on all three chapters simultaneously, but so far we’ve mostly just gotten work done on Chapter 3 and 4.

Between 3, 4, and 5, we’ve already exceeded a chapter’s worth of bullets, cutscenes, and gimmicks. Not only that, but the next chapters had certain aspects that took a while to set up, and now that those things are in place, the development of the game is only going to get smoother and smoother!

As always, I want this thing to come out the most out of anyone on the planet, so we’ll be doing our best to get it done.

Toby has also provided a mini preview of what the team has been working on. This includes a range of new music tracks, some new screenshots, and even a short gameplay video. You can check out the screenshots below and find the OSTs and gameplay preview on Toby’s original blog post.

Unfortunately, Toby did reveal that there will be no new Deltarune chapters releasing this year, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to continue our adventure with Kris and the gang.

Are you excited about the next chapter of Deltarune? If so, make sure to keep an eye out on RPGFan’s news feed for future updates on the title.

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