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Details on Dragon Quest Treasures’ Facilities, Gangs, and More Revealed

A skeleton pirate and his crew standing on their pirate ship in Dragon Quest Treasures.

In a blog post, Square Enix has provided us with new information about some of Dragon Quest Treasures‘ core mechanics, including base building, facilities, gangs, rivals, and more!

Here’s a breakdown of everything covered in the post:


With the threat of rival treasure-hunting crews looming large, Erik and Mia form a gang of their own.

In Dragon Quest Treasures, players will form a gang made up of monsters that inhabit the world of Draconia. To help them on their way, players will meet Purrsula, “a mysterious creature who advises Erik and Mia on the ins and outs of running a gang”. Players will also be able to choose both the name and flag of the gang.

After defeating monsters in battle, some will be inspired to join the gang; players can choose the monsters that they feel fit best with Erik and Mia’s group.

As the gang collects more treasure and the value of their vault increases, so will the gang’s rank. Each new rank unlocks new benefits that improve Erik and Mia’s treasure-hunting skills and also adds bonus multipliers to the value of the loot the gang finds.

Building Your Very Own Home Base

Following the formation of the gang, Erik and Mia stumble across an abandoned island that was once home to the HQ of the Trans-Draconic Railway Company. After chatting with one of the company’s employees, Mr. Euston, the pair are allowed to set up their very own base on the island.

In return for allowing Erik and Mia to use the HQ as their base, Mr. Euston asks that the pair help him restore the railway to its former glory. The pair get to work straight away and use their trusty Dragon Daggers to fix up one of the old trains.

The base will act as Dragon Quest Treasures‘ central hub where the player can plan out their treasure-hunting escapades, organise their gang, and also send out members on quests to find more loot. The base also has a storeroom that can be used to display the player’s favourite items.

Base Facilities

As players progress through Dragon Quest Treasures, their base will unlock new facilities, including:

Facility 1: Treasure Vault – All the treasure Erik and Mia collect is stored in the vault. They can use the plinths there to display their favourite pieces for all the world to see.

Facility 2: Worker Dormitory – Mr. Muddimer will help you rearrange your party and assist when it’s time to let go of monsters that aren’t fulfilling their potential. When your gang rank is high enough, you’ll earn the ability to send teams of monsters out on dispatch missions to all corners of Draconia.

Facility 3: Personnel Department – Miss Cecily is head of the railway company’s personnel department. She handles the application process for monsters looking to join the gang. Once your gang’s rank is high enough, she can also help set up additional facilities like a shop, cafeteria, and pellet workshop.

Facility 4: Item Shop – Bricky Rix is a merchant and one-time trading partner of the railway company. He scours Draconia looking for the best products with which to stock the shelves of his emporium. Bricky Rix stocks food recipes, pellet formulae and the materials needed to make them. As the story progresses, he’ll begin to add new products to his line-up.

Facility 5: Cafeteria – Madame Blancmange is Draconia’s premier chef. From her cafeteria kitchen she creates mouth-watering meals to power up your monsters. She can also whip up rare delicacies… provided you give her the recipes! Feeding your monsters can give them a quick stat boost, raise their resistances, and more.

Facility 6: Pellet Workshop – A former railway company mechanic and train builder, Axel uses his mechanic’s know-how to make catapult pellets for Erik and Mia. He stocks a range of pellets, and if you provide him with the formula, he can whip up some extra special projectiles for you.

Adventure Into the Snarl

Dragon Quest Treasures‘ world holds “many mysteries, and Erik and Mia’s base is no exception.”

A maze of rooms extends deep below the ground, joined by a series of interconnected teleportals. Stranger still, the maze changes every time someone enters, with different enemies to fight and new rewards up for grabs. Only the bravest treasure hunters dare to plumb its deepest, darkest depths and discover its secrets!

Meet the Rivals

Erik and Mia aren’t the only ones determined to discover all of Draconia’s treasures. They’ve got rivals to contend with, and they’ll stop at nothing to take your hard-earned loot.

Rival gangs will try anything to get their hands on your treasure, from attacking you out in the field, to launching a raid on your base. Rival gang members are not to be taken lightly, so be sure to have some friendly monsters in tow when you go to confront them!

Dragon Quest Treasures’ main rivals are two groups that go by the names The Thunderous Plunderers and The Sylphanian Expedition:

The Thunderous Plunderers

A band of sky pirates under the charismatic leadership of Long John Silverbones. The Plunderers have several hundred members, both human and monster. Long John Silverbones is the infamous leader of the Thunderous Plunderers. A cruel and cold-hearted pirate, he is known for immediately dispensing with anyone for whom he no longer has a use.

The Sylphanian Expedition

The Sylphanian Kingdom has dispatched a special expedition to Draconia in search of treasure. They’ve established stockades on two separate islands, from where they conduct their operations. Captain Levanter is a bold, if rather blunt, figure who leads the Sylphanian expedition. He appears to have a long-standing enmity towards Long John Silverbones…

Additional Rivals in Dragon Quest Treasures

Other than the two gangs mentioned above, the world of Dragon Quest Treasures is teeming with groups looking to get their hands on some treasure.

Not all rival gangs are hostile – some would prefer to strike up a friendship with Erik and Mia’s gang. Keep an eye out for these characters, as they’ll often be happy to share nuggets of treasure hunting know-how with you.

Dragon Quest Treasures is set to release on the Nintendo Switch in just a few months, on December 9th. For more information on the title, make sure to head over to RPGFan’s game page, where you can find all our previous Dragon Quest Treasures coverage.

For more on Dragon Quest Treasures and the rest of the Dragon Quest series, you’re already in the right place here at RPGFan. If you didn’t get enough new screenshots above, here is a selection of even more new ones:

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