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The Artists of Terranigma Made a Special Movie to Celebrate the 27th Anniversary

A screenshot of the 27th anniversary video made by the artists of Terranigma

Kamui Fujiwara, the art designer for the cult classic Super Famicom game Terranigma, just put out a video tribute of sorts (see below) to mark the game’s 27th anniversary. A machine translation of the YouTube description says he worked on the video alongside the original artists and that it contains new art and songs. Fujiwara tweeted that he plans to release a high-resolution version with tweaks to the music.

The movie is mostly composed of illustrations, but they’re well-made and evince a nostalgic feeling in me. Can Square Enix bring this (and the rest of the Quintet trilogy) back when they’re done (possibly) remastering Parasite Eve?

Our two reviews of Terranigma offer great insights; you should definitely check them out.

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