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For a Vast Future Heads to Steam November 1st

For a Vast Future Screenshot

Retreaux Games has announced that For a Vast Future is coming to PC via Steam on November 1st! This indie RPG takes inspiration from retro classics and is around eight to ten hours long.

Sounds like the perfect bite-sized adventure!

For a Vast Future – Trailer:

War has ended in Seralia, but the scars are far from healed. Explore a dystopian landscape and build weapons from scrap parts to use in battle. Recruit companions and travel in style in your trusty motorbike as you uncover the depths of a deep government conspiracy. The future is vast.

For a Vast Future – Key Features

For a Vast Future‘s Steam page outlines many of the key features players can expect to find in the game, including:

• Fast active time combat
• Complete customization: determine character stat progression and weapon proficiencies
• Crafting system: create attack items and buff/debuff items for unique strategies
• Ammo system: equip weapon-specific ammo types to give your attacks a kick! Deal explosion damage, status effects, and more
• Hack into computers and ride a motorcycle through the wartorn country side
• Choose between numerous classically inspired colour palettes

It’s not long now until For a Vast Future releases on November 1st! If you’re a fan of retro RPGs and high-quality pixel art, it looks like this one is for you.

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