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Todd Howard’s Latest Interview Reveals New Starfield Details

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In an almost three-hour-long interview with Lex Fridman, Todd Howard has revealed a whole bunch of new information about Starfield. The video gives insight into space suits, star systems, and even the title’s delay into next year.

Todd Howard: Skyrim, Elder Scrolls VI, Fallout, and Starfield | Lex Fridman Podcast:

The interview also covered other topics, including The Elder Scrolls VI, Fallout, and Todd’s feelings about Bethesda joining the Microsoft Games umbrella:

It’s been awesome. The culture inside of Microsoft and Xbox that people see from the outside is the culture inside…. The way they talk about players, the way they invest in players, the risks they’ll take, the thoughtfulness of Phil Spencer we feel really, really lucky.

So, What Did the Interview Reveal About Starfield?

With the interview being so long, you (and I) probably don’t have the time to listen to the whole thing. Luckily, some forum-goers have compiled a list of everything revealed over on ResetEra, with some of the most interesting information from the thread listed below:

  • Starfield‘s different star systems will have different levels attached to them.
  • Players won’t find themselves stranded in space without fuel as it’s a “fun-Killer”.
  • Different space suits will have various buffs to gases/toxicity/temperature.
  • Not putting Starfield on PS5 means Bethesda has been able to focus on optimizing the title for Xbox consoles.
  • Starfield‘s delay is to ensure the team can get everything done. There were too many risks involved with the initial release date, especially with Todd considering the game a platform seller.
  • Other ships will come and go from the starports.
  • Some of the followers/companions in Starfield have deeper relationships than in any of Bethesda’s previous games.
  • Planets have actual orbits.

During the interview, Todd also mentioned that he wished Bethesda’s games didn’t take so long to make. Me too, Todd, me too…

According to Xbox’s E3 presentation, Starfield is set to release sometime within the first half of 2023, so hopefully, we won’t be waiting too much longer for the release. For future updates on the title and everything else Bethesda-related, you’re already in the right place here at RPGFan.

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