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Supergiant Games Reveals Hades II at The Game Awards

Hades II screenshot

Well, we didn’t see that coming!

In a show full of surprises, Supergiant Games managed to stun the audience of The Game Awards with the announcement of their first direct sequel: Hades II, a follow-up to their beloved Greek mythology-inspired rogue-like.

Hades II is a rogue-like dungeon crawler in which you’ll battle beyond the Underworld of Greek myth using dark sorcery to take on the sinister Titan of Time. Our studio’s first-ever sequel builds on the best aspects of the award-winning original in an all-new, action-packed, endlessly replayable experience rooted in the Underworld of Greek myth and its deep connections to the dawn of witchcraft. Watch our reveal trailer:

Delving deeper into the Greek myths of Hades, Hades II introduces the witch Melinoë, Princess of the Underworld (whose two different eye colors just might offer a hint about her parentage). Charged with defeating the mad Titan of Time, Chronos, Melinoë must fight her way through his forces, learning and growing more powerful with every setback (and presumably, death)!

Though Supergiant Games has not yet set a release date, they have revealed that Hades II will be launching in early access.

Like its predecessor, Hades II will be available in Early Access for some time leading up to its full v1.0 launch. Expect more information on Hades II Early Access sometime in 2023.

Early Access means you will be able to purchase and play a work-in-progress version of Hades II, and optionally contribute feedback and gameplay data that’s invaluable to our team as we work to fulfill the game’s potential. Feedback from our player community through the course of development was foundational to the design and vital to the quality of the original game, so we plan to reprise that type of process with Hades II.

The release of Hades in September 2020 was a ray of sunshine for many gamers at a time when there was a distinct lack of it. Kind of ironic for a game about the Underworld! With Supergiant’s expertise in creating fascinating worlds, captivating characters, and unbelievably engaging gameplay, we cannot wait to hear more about this game later in 2023! To learn more, check out Supergiant’s own Hades II FAQ. And don’t forget to check out this awesome animated trailer! 

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