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New F2P Action RPG Wayfinder Revealed by Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes

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In 2023, we will be seeing a lot of high-profile companies releasing new MMORPGs. One of the reveals at the recent Game Awards 2022 is Wayfindera new project from the creators of Battle Chasers: Nightwar and Darksiders Genesis.

Wayfinder is a free-to-play third-person action RPG from developer Airship Syndicate and publisher Digital Extremes. The upcoming game will launch for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. View the official reveal trailer below:

Overview of Wayfinder


On every hunt and expedition into the Gloom you’ll discover new locations, beasts and materials. Use them to craft new weapons and gear to awaken powerful new Wayfinders. Collect every weapon and housing item, read every book, and discover all the locations to complete your Atlas and increase your mastery.


Customize every play experience by stepping through a doorway of endless adventures with the help of a mysterious device known as a Gloom Dagger. Each adventure has unique modifiers and challenges you conjure and control, customizing what you hunt, and gather.


Wayfinders are born of the Gloom, but sworn to push it back to reconnect humanity. Wielding arcane magic, mystical tech, or cunning weapons, only Wayfinders can slay the invading forces and push back the Gloom. Customize the way you fight by choosing your weapons and gear and augmenting your powers with the echoes of your fallen foes.


Endless exploration and new seasons will have you busy with hunts, expeditions and events. Discover new locations, beasts and materials that can be used to craft weapons and gear to awaken powerful new Wayfinders.

Variety of Characters and Playstyles in Wayfinder

The narrative is driven by the diverse backgrounds of the characters. To combat the Gloom, players will have a selection of wayfinders to choose from, each with their own special route to explore.


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Wingrave – The Seeker

Wingrave is a templar clad in spell-forged armor and sustained by his faith in the Architects. He’s a natural leader and true champion, always ready to defend the innocent and to smite the forces of evil.


Wayfinder Artwork
Silo – The Tactician

Swift and precise, Silo makes every shot count. Born into a family of smugglers, he spent his life running under the radar and challenging tyrants. Now he’s using those same skills to fight the Gloom. Silo loves long odds—the greater the challenge, the greater the thrill.


Wayfinder Artwork
Niss – The Shadow Dancer

Niss is kin to the shadows, and darkness serves as her weapon and her cloak. She is one of the Deep Eldren, an ancient people who now serve the malevolent Precursors. When Niss and her clan challenged the Precursors, her family was wiped out and Niss escaped into exile. Deadly and swift, Niss cares little for humanity. But she has sworn to destroy the Precursors, and the Seekers can help her take her revenge.


Wayfinder Artwork
Senja – The Champion

Before the Gloom swallowed the warrior, Senja was the greatest gladiator in the history of the Imperial Arena. She is the last of the Iron Sisters, a league of warriors from the distant Dominion of the Seven Winds, and she smites her enemies with both storm and steel.


Wayfinder Artwork
Kyros – The Warmage

Arcane power flows through Kyros, and he can unleash this force to devastate his enemies. He’s the last survivor of a forgotten civilization, a wizard who transformed his flesh into pure mystical energy. Though his people are long lost, he’s sworn to keep the Gloom from destroying the world that remains.

Excited to try Wayfinder yourself? Worry not; a closed beta run will be available on PC on December 13th, following PlayStation (PS5 exclusive!) playtests in January. If you’re eager to register, CBT sign-ups are available on their official website.

In Spring 2023, Wayfinder will debut in early access on PC and PlayStation with a full release on multiple platforms coming in the fall of that year. 

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