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Lunar Silver Star Story Touch Gets Graphical, Audio, and Gameplay Updates

Lunar Silver Story Touch Artwork

SoMoGa has released its long-awaited update to Lunar Silver Star Story Touch, the iOS port of Game Arts’s renowned Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete! The update reflects significant player feedback and may make Lunar Silver Star Story Touch the optimal version of this classic RPG.

Here’s an overview of the changes the update brings, courtesy of SoMoGa:

Graphics Changes

– The game now renders at 60fps across all compatible devices.

– Color mixing effects have been properly implemented.

– Line rasterization effects (most of which only worked on the Saturn) have been reimplemented.

– Widescreen support has been revamped to better support a variety of devices.

– Some additional widescreen graphics have been added.

Audio Changes

– Quality is now higher.

– You can now choose between the Saturn and PSP music tracks.

– The volume of various pieces (BGM, SFX, VOICE, MOVIE) can be separately adjusted.

Gameplay Changes

– Many new bluetooth controllers are now supported.

– Settings are now in-game rather than the in the Settings app.

– Map exploration and battle can be sped up (note: this does not apply while in-menu)

– Touch controls can be hidden for those who play solely with external controllers.

– There are now two difficulty levels.

iCloud Changes – iCloud integration has been rewritten.

Fans and critics alike — including the RPGFan crew — have long praised Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete for its stellar soundtrack. So being able to toggle between PlayStation Portable and SEGA Saturn music tracks might be the most exciting piece of this update for many players! This update goes a long way toward making the game more accessible, too, thanks to its new difficulty settings, support for more Bluetooth controllers, and enhanced widescreen support.

I’ve been meaning to dive into the legendary Lunar series for, well, about 30 years now. This latest update leaves me thinking that grabbing Lunar Silver Star Story Touch is probably the perfect way to fix that! For more on this series and to see where Lunar Silver Star Story Touch goes next, stick with RPGFan!

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