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Tales of Symphonia’s Re-Release Could Lead to More Remasters

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In a recent Q&A regarding the upcoming Tales of Symphonia remaster, set to release on February 17th, Bandai Namco has given fans hope that other titles in the series may yet receive a similar treatment.

The interview reveals that while the development team’s current focus is on Symphonia, they’re open to remastering others from the series in the future. While Bandai Namco hasn’t explicitly said that they have anything in the works just yet, the comment below gives hints that Symphonia‘s remaster might lead to something more:

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of the Tales of series fans around the world for their passion and desire to play older Tales of games on newer platforms. However, we are currently focusing on the release of Tales of Symphonia Remastered, but are looking forward to reception of the game, and requests for future remasters.

So, Why Remaster Tales of Symphonia?

One of the other questions answered in the Q&A is why Symphonia was chosen to receive the remaster treatment. The team explained that Symphonia was the first Tales game to release worldwide, so they’d had requests from fans across the world to bring the game to modern platforms.

The Tales of Symphonia remaster will be the second remaster we’ve worked on after Tales of Vesperia. Symphonia was the first worldwide release in the series, and many fans abroad and in Japan have said “I want to play this game on the latest platforms!” Which led to the planning of this particular remaster.

With Symphonia‘s remaster set to release on February 17th, It’s exciting to think that we could see more games from the series updated and re-released on modern platforms. While there’s nothing concrete at the moment, it’s always fun to speculate. So, let us know below which entry in the franchise you’d like to see remastered next!

Source: Siliconera

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