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New Patch for Trails from Zero Available Now on Nintendo Switch, PC

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero art

NIS America has announced that a new patch is available for The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The patch, which hit PC on December 27th and the Switch on January 14th, includes new features, major bug fixes, and more.

Unfortunately, NISA has confirmed that “there are no plans to bring these changes to the PS4 version.” So, it seems that the PlayStation version of Trails from Zero will remain to be subpar now.

What’s Included in Trails from Zero‘s Latest Patch?

Following Trails from Zero‘s update on PC last month, NISA released the following patch notes:

Major New Features

  • Water rendering update: water now optionally uses a pixel shader which distorts the reflections/refractions. We tuned this for most bodies of water in the game and it looks pretty neat.
  • Added an “Auto Text Advance” feature. Note that there are a few events in-game where this will not apply since they require manual advance.
  • Check and trigger achievements on loading saves. This means that if you e.g. import a save from a playthrough of a different version of the game, applicable achievements will now trigger. (Note: this mostly applies to collection-type achievements)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue which could cause portraits not to be displayed in very specific circumstances. If you are curious about what happened there.
  • Implement a number of English localization fixes.

Additional Changes and Fixes

  • Improve font rendering performance by avoiding unneeded copies and temporary textures. This might be noticeable on slower systems when a lot of text is displayed.
  • Map geometry fixes on many maps, and some map collision fixes. Some of these are specific to ultra-wide monitors, but others are visible in 16:9 as well.
  • Show correct button prompt in detective notebook for “Details”.
  • Add mouse support for the casino exchange menu.
  • Made direct camp menu save button prompt clickable.
  • Check whether detective rank is in a valid range when loading saves.
  • Fixed crash when failing to delete saves.
  • Allow cancellation of dialogs in the settings menu with the back button.
  • Always apply framerate limit, even when VSync is enabled (or forced off). This is to prevent issues when VSync is off globally.
  • Fixed an issue where battle character outlines could flicker with high FPS.

If you haven’t yet played The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero, it seems like now is a great time to dive in. Before you start, make sure to give RPGFan’s review, written by Caitlin Argyros, a read.

For future news on the entirety of the Trails series, make sure to keep an eye on our news feed.

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