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A Fascinating Journey Lies Ahead in Season: A Letter to the Future, Launching January 31st

SEASON: A letter to the future Artwork

Scavengers Studio introduces new characters in the brand-new story trailer of SEASON: A letter to the future. The PlayStation-exclusive game releases at the end of the month on January 31st. The art style of this indie game is just beautiful. Watch the heartfelt narrative below featuring the main character, Estelle.

About SEASON: A letter to the future

SEASON centers on discovering the fascinating world around you through exploration, documentation, and interaction with new people. Imagine that the world is ending, and your duty is to capture all the moments you have left of the scenery and the people around you for the next generations. What will the future season hold?

In SEASON: A letter to the future, you play as a young woman from a secluded village exploring the world by bike for the first time, collecting memories before a cataclysm washes everything away. SEASON is a quest to discover a new world; one unknown yet familiar. Document, photograph, and record life as you find it, while you still can.

Key Features of SEASON: A letter to the future

  • A stunning bicycle road trip: Wind your way through stunning landscapes on your bicycle. Slow down and take in the incredible scenery in vista after memorable vista.
  • Explore a mysterious world: Meet a diverse cast of characters along your way, who will change the course of your story. The land of Tieng Valley is open for you to explore, investigate and learn about the past and the future of this place.
  • Document, photograph, and record: Collect memories, make recordings, and discover the secrets of this Season before it ends. Your journal is the key to understanding this world.
  • Beautiful soundtrack: Listen to the haunting score as you travel, a perfect accompaniment for your journey.
  • Important choices: Pay attention to your surroundings as you live through the story and resolve the end of Season. Choose the questions you ask characters carefully, as these choices will impact your relationships and understanding of the world. Remember, what you collect is what will be saved for the next Season.

PlayStation 5 Features

The game will utilize the haptic feedback function on the DualSense controller to create the authentic sensation of riding a bike in various scenarios.

  • Adaptive Triggers: Using the triggers to pedal your bicycle, the resistance will vary depending on your speed and the steepness of the road.
  • Haptic Feedback: Feel the texture of the ground change as you cycle over different terrain with the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback.
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech: Traverse the world’s lush soundscapes and record them with defined, dimensional precision.
  • Faster Loading Times: Leave home without delay – near-instant loading via the PS5 system’s SSD sends you on a bicycle trip into a mysterious new world.

Screenshots of SEASON: A letter to the future:

SEASON: A letter to the future launches exclusively for the PS5 and PS4 on January 31st followed by a February 1st release date on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The digital game costs $29.99 USD to pre-order at the PlayStation Store. There are currently no updates as to whether it’s coming to other consoles.

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