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NIS 30th Anniversary Livestream Set for January 30th

Dodeka MAX in Disgaea 7, a strategy RPG published by NIS

NIS America has announced that they are hosting a stream on January 30th at 10 AM PST to celebrate Nippon Ichi Software’s 30th anniversary!

We can expect the usual new game announcements, special edition preorders, and merch to show up in their online store. They are also planning on doing some giveaways during the stream, so tune in for a chance to win stuff!

NIS 30th anniversary stream announcement

Not much else is known in terms of what they will announce, but we’re sure there will be some RPGs to cover! Perhaps they will announce the localization for Disgaea 7, which just released in Japan on January 26th. Nippon Ichi Japan released a series of short character trailers as well as a series of videos known as the Disgaea Private Academy trailers which can be seen here.

Check out their 30th-anniversary website here for stream links!

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Alvin Lim

Alvin Lim

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