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Souls of Chronos Debuts February 14th on PS5, Switch, and PC Worldwide

Artwork of Souls of Chronos

Developed by Chinese developer FUTU Studio and published by Astrolabe Games, isometric action RPG Souls of Chronos will be launching February 14th on PlayStation 5, Switch, and PC via Steam worldwide! The game will support English, Japanese, and both Traditional and Simplified Chinese language options.

Here is an overview of the Souls of Chronos from Astrolabe Games:

The Game

Souls of Chronos” adopts a classic isometric JRPG experience, blending with action gameplay for its
combat system. Playing as the duo of “Sid”, a young boy longing for the outside world, and “Tori”, a
mysterious, time-bending “Chronus”, players will experience their adventures in the port city of Astella
and beyond.

The game is divided into five chapters. In this intricate intertwining of events, the choices that players
made throughout the game will ultimately lead to four different endings and determine the fate of

The Background – A Post-Apocalyptic New World

Fifteen years after the catastrophic event known as the “Apocalypse”, the world is still in an era of great
unrest. Even Astella, a harbour town far from the centre of the Vallois Empire, is no exception.
Local gangs, slum dwellers, external forces, and secret societies – all these factions are clashing
together over their own agenda and interests. Under such tension, the fragile peace at Astella is on the
verge of sliding back into all-out conflicts.

In a world where time holds great power, a new species emerges with a unique gift. The Chronus
possess the ability to control time itself through their special power, Chrono, and are bound to their
human partners, the “Linked”, through the mysterious Chrono Pact.

Here in Astella, a young boy named Sid longs to escape this small harbor town and explore the world
beyond, but his plans are abruptly interrupted when he finds himself caught up in a dangerous and
mysterious case. With the help of his Chronus partner, Torii, Sid sets out on a thrilling journey that will
test the limits of their bond and threaten to upend the very order of the world.

The Characters – Friends from Astella

Bringing their visions and beliefs, as well as their unique personalities and circumstances, various
characters will join Sid and Torii in uncovering the long-kept mysteries of Astella.

As Sid, you have the power to forge alliances and shape your own personality through your actions and dialogue options. Do choose wisely, as your decisions will determine the fate of the various factions within Astella. Partner with those you trust and work together to overcome the looming storm that threatens the land.

The Combat – Forge Your Own Style: Customizable Weapons & Time-bending Chrono Power

As Sid’s partner, Torii will also join the combat and fight alongside him. As they level up, players can
choose different skills to master different combat styles. Also, with the progression of the story, the pair will be able to unlock new mechanisms.

As a powerful Chronus, Torii can unleash her special Chrono power to manipulate the time during
combat anytime when you are at a disadvantage to turn the tide. Sid, on the other hand, can choose
two weapons to equip at the same time, from a total of six distinct weapon types, each with its own
upgrade path – Find the combat style that best suits you and battle some of the most fearful foes!

Souls of Chronos Launch Trailer

With its actionized battle system, player choice-driven dialogue, and four different endings, it seems like Souls of Chronos has a lot of potential to be a blast with a lot of replay value. It appears to be one of FUTU Studio’s first forays into game development. We’re looking forward to seeing what they can do!

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