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Wild Hearts Releases New Story Trailer Ahead February 16th Launch

A lavaback is on the attack in Wild Hearts.

Developer Omega Force and publisher Electronic Arts tease fans by releasing the Minato story trailer for the upcoming hunting action RPG, Wild HeartsThe latest trailer shows off a greater look at the village of Minato and its residents, who will all be part of your adventure in Azuma. Meet your allies and take a look at the video below before the game arrives this week on February 16th.

Discover more about Wild Hearts’ storyline and check out the pre-order information through the official website if this Monster Hunter rival catches your attention. 

Overview of Wild Hearts

Master ancient tech to hunt down giant beasts. Wild Hearts™ is a twist on the hunting genre where technology gives you a fighting chance against giant nature-infused beasts. 

Tame A World Gone Wild

No one remembers why the Kemono began their rampage. These giant beasts wield the power of nature itself, and none could stand against their might. Until you, hunter, armed with deadly weapons and ancient Karakuri technology, could turn the tide of battle.

Welcome to Azuma

Despite the destruction wrought by the Kemono, the land of Azuma remains quite beautiful. In Wild Hearts™ you’ll explore this fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan – from its flower-filled meadows to towering ruins.

Key Features of Wild Hearts

Hunt Giant Nature-Infused Beasts

Kemono are the embodiment of the power of nature. These giant beasts fused with natural elements over time, modifying their environment to accommodate their needs. How can mere humans hope to take down such massive foes?

Craft Your Hunting Grounds

You are the only one in Azuma able to wield the Karakuri technology. This ancient tech enables you to adapt your environment into creative hunting grounds ideal for taking down the giant Kemono.

Gear Up to Hunt, Hunt to Gear Up

The more you hunt, the more you progress. Create your character, then gather materials from each hunt and build an array of armor and weapons to bring down even bigger beasts.

Hunt in a Pack, or be a Lone Wolf

For some, the thrill of the hunt is best savored alone. But even the most deadly hunter may face a beast they cannot take down on their own. In Wild Hearts you can unite with up to two friends (or other players) to stalk and hunt your prey.

Early Access Trial for EA Play Members

EA Play members will be able to try Wild Hearts starting three days prior to launch. EA Play members and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play up to the gates of Minato starting February 13, 2023.

The Multiplayer With Friends Experience

It features campfire locations where you’ll be able to “Create” or “Search” for multiplayer sessions. The game will prioritize any active and open sessions created by your platform friend, and you’ll continue to stay together through any and all content until the host decides to quit or end the session.

When you start, you can begin any specific quest you want to target on the map and open it up to global multiplayer. If another player is already on that quest in open multiplayer, you’ll be able to join them. But if you’re the only player on the quest, you will start a hosted session solo and other players will join if they search for that quest.

Wild Hearts Media

The cinematic looks gorgeous, and I’m admittedly charmed by it’s potential, as someone who has invested a good number of hours playing Monster Hunter: World with my hunting buddies.

This February 16th, the hunt begins in Wild Hearts as it launches worldwide on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (EA App, Steam, and Epic Games Store). It’s also significant to note that the title supports crossplay across all platforms it’s made available on.

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