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Retro Encounter 365 – StarTropics

Retro Encounter 365 StarTropics

There are some first-party Nintendo games that became legendary franchises. This… is not one of those games.

Released in 1990 for the NES, StarTropics was specifically designed by Nintendo R&D3 with Western audiences in mind. In fact, it was never even released in Japan until 2008 on the Wii Virtual Console! This stylish and innovative game, featuring a genre mash-up with Dragon Quest-style villages and Zelda-like dungeons, gained a cult following of devoted fans, three of whom are on this podcast! Does StarTropics live up to their childhood memories? It’s time to stick some bananas in our ears, hop into our yellow submarine (piloted by R.O.B. the Robot), and find out!

Featuring: Jono Logan, Nick Mangiaracina, Michael Salbato; Edited by Jono Logan

Opening and ending music by Miles Morkri

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Jonathan Logan

Jonathan Logan

Jonathan (he/him), or Jono for short, is the host of Random Encounter and the Reviews Manager for RPGFan. While reviewing a game, he has been known to drink up to 10 cups of tea to keep focused (Earl Grey, milk, no sugar). Fun fact: Jono holds a Masters of Music Theatre degree, which is only slightly less useful than it sounds.

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