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There’s a New Trailer for Blue Reflection Sun

Artwork depicting characters in Blue Reflection Sun.

DMM Games and Gust have released a second overview trailer for Blue Reflection Sun, their free-to-play RPG due out for iOS, Android, and PC this winter in Japan. Check out the nearly three-minute-long trailer teasing the game’s cast and stage-based combat and gameplay systems!

Blue Reflection Sun‘s visuals ooze personality and set high expectations for this Blue Reflection spin-off, but the big question on the top of many of our minds is whether it will make its way West. The first two entries in this colorful series released in North America and Europe, but neither DMM Games nor Gust have suggested we should expect the same for Blue Reflection Sun. Still, my and many other fingers are crossed!

Fans have been waiting for this game since its announcement in 2021. Its story centers on an ash that began to rain on the world prior to the game’s events. People quickly learned that ash was a toxin that creates deadly monsters that can only be defeated by those called “Eroded,” rare people who manifest power when the ash invades their bodies.

Stay tuned to RPGFan as we learn more about Blue Reflection Sun!

Source: Gematsu

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