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New NIS RPG Xicatrice Coming to Japan June 29th

Xicatrice Artwork

Developer Nippon Ichi Software continues to develop more titles with Xicatrice, a “superpowers x academy RPG”. The game will release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 on June 29th in Japan.

The company has not said if Xicatrice is releasing in the West. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets lined up for English localization sometime after launch. It was just last month at the NIS 30th anniversary livestream when the company surprised fans with two big announcements: Disgaea 7 heading West in the fall and Rhapsody II and III‘s Western debut.

Credits to Gematsu for translating all the information below from the official Japanese website.

Overview of Xicatrice

A new academy RPG featuring a huge variety of skills (approximately 300) and highly flexible character development. Xicatrice is a “superpowers x academy RPG” in which you play as a teacher who leads a special unit of students on dangerous missions in response to emergencies. The game combines the depth that comes with a huge variety of skills, with highly flexible character development, allowing each player to play with their own strategy.

In a world where special powers known as “superpowers” exist, the protagonist is appointed as a teacher in charge of students able to wield those powers. With the seven students, awakened to their superpowers and emotionally scarred, overcome the hardships that await you. “Xicatrice” is based on the French word for “scar.” In the game, the seven students will confront the emotional scars of their past.

Story of Xicatrice

It has been about a century since mankind began awakening to the supernatural powers known as “superpowers.” While some people used their powers to contribute to society, others abused them or ran wild without control. The incidents caused by superpower users never ceased.

In response to these incidents, the state established the Anti Abnormal Unusual Talent Team (AUT), a law enforcement agency composer of superpower users. However, as the number of incidents increased, it became too much even for the AUT. It was then that the Reserve Anti Unusual Talent Team (RAUT) was established under the pretext of watching over and training children who have awakened to superpowers.

Despite being students, they could be mobilized in the case of an incident involving superpowers.

The story begins in the year 2023, when a former AUT member, who lost their abilities after a certain incident, is assigned as the teacher in charge of RAUT 302.

Seven Characters of Xicatrice

Xicatrice Artwork
L-R: Haruhi, Yuichi, Kei, Toma, Shiduru, Wakaba, Ichika
  • Haruki Suzuhira (voiced by Fumiya Imai) – A cheerful and energetic mood maker who always has a smile on his face. While he tends to get easily carried away, he sometimes falls weak under pressure.
  • Yuichi Kamishiro (voiced by Tetsuro Noda) – He is blunt and keeps others at a distance. He is looked up to by the other students for his high capacity for using his superpowers in actual combat.
  • Kei Namisaki (voiced by Kanako Nomura) – Although usually calm, composed, and mature, she can also be somewhat meddlesome. Driven by righteous indignation, she has had the bitter experience of harming others as a result of using her superpower.
  • Toma Asahi (voiced by Saho Shirasu) – She is an extremely serious honor student who is both athletic and studious, and devoted to working with the protagonist.
  • Shiduru Nagamiya (voiced by Ayasa Itou) – A beautiful girl characterized by her slender, long, black hair.
  • Wakaba Shinomori (voiced by Hina Natsume) – She is a caring, athletic, and straightforward girl who speaks her mind.
  • Ichika Otoha (voiced by Emiri Suyama) – She speaks in a polite tone to all and has a gentle personality. Likely due being bullied in the past, she keeps a bit of distance from the protagonist and other students.

Xicatrice is the latest turn-based RPG being developed by NIS where the player is set in a Japanese high school. [Editor’s Note: Monark is another recent one.]

This time around, players take the responsibility of teaching seven teenagers blessed with diverse superpower abilities. Stay tuned to RPGFan’s news feed and learn more about this title for more coverage in the future.

Source: Gematsu

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