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Pokémon Sleep Hits Bedrooms Around the World Summer 2023

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The latest Pokémon Presents reminded fans that Pokémon Sleep still exists. That’s right! The sleep-tracking app will release on Android and iOS sometime this summer.

Alongside the announcement came the reveal of the Pokémon GO Plus +, a Bluetooth device designed for both Pokémon GO and Sleep. The device will allow owners to keep track of their sleep with just the press of a button.

Introduction Video

Finding Pokémon…in your sleep?! The dream is real, Trainers.

Pokémon Sleep – Key Information

It’s been several years since Pokémon Sleep was revealed, so even if you knew what it was then, here’s a refresher and long-awaited official details of what the app will do:

Do you find yourself struggling to get energized in the morning? Has the same old bedtime routine grown tiresome? Now, you can turn your sleep into entertainment with Pokémon Sleep! Playing this game is simple: just place your smartphone by your pillow, then go to sleep. Just like that, waking up in the morning becomes something to look forward to!

Your adventure takes place on a small island where you’ll carry out research on how Pokémon sleep. You’ll work with large Snorlax who live on the island and Neroli, a professor who’s studying Pokémon sleep styles.

Place your smartphone by your pillow when you go to bed to record and measure your sleep. The longer you sleep, the higher your score in the morning, and the more Pokémon you’ll see appear around Snorlax. Your nights of sleep will be classified as one of three sleep styles—dozing, snoozing, or slumbering—and in the morning, Pokémon that sleep in similar ways will come gather around Snorlax.

You may even discover a Pokémon sleeping in a rare style you’d hardly ever get to see normally. Each Pokémon has a number of different sleep styles, so see how many you can discover to complete your sleep style dex.

Pokémon Sleep will finally make its way to Android and iOS sometime this summer. For future updates on the Pokémon franchise, you’re already in the right place here at RPGFan.

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