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Deckbuilding RPG Aces & Adventures Available Now

Screenshot of Aces & Adventures

Card-based RPG fans are in luck: Aces & Adventures is available now for PC via Steam for just $19.99 USD! Indie developer Triple.B.Titles and publisher Yogscast Games released this nifty new trailer to celebrate the game’s launch:

If this trailer makes one thing clear, it’s that Aces & Adventures is brimming with personality! The voice acting and art design caught my attention and are struggling to let go. Here’s an overview of this colorful card game, courtesy of Steam:

A poker-powered deckbuilding adventure
Three tables stand in a circle of stones in the misty heart of the old woods, forming a portal to a soaring world drawn from the pages of ancient Norse and Middle Eastern mythology. There, you will embark on a journey to save Cardrasil, the Life Tree, from the evil that gnaws at her roots. Each card of the enchanted deck she entrusts to you are leaves plucked from her very branches. Use them to evoke your abilities and unleash devastating, poker-powered attacks. Grow your own power, prune your own deck, but make haste! The seasons are changing; warmth won’t be free for long.

  • Fast-paced gameplay delivered in highly consumable 10-20 minute sessions.
  • 5 Characters, each with their own library of abilities and 30 levels of advancement.
  • Unlock powerful traits and equipment as you progress through your journey.
  • 13 fully-voiced campaigns and 4 games for a total of 52 levels of escalating challenge
  • Procedurally generated runs ensure endless unique experiences.
  • Build your own decks, and upgrade your abilities to Elite and Legendary potency.

A unique combination of traditional playing cards and special ability cards sits at the heart of Aces & Adventures. You’ll craft a deck and choose how to use your resources – do you aim to defeat your opponents through attacks and spells, or play cards in order to potentially draw devastating high-value poker hands and obliterate your foes in a mighty blow?

  • Use the four suits as mana to activate your abilities.
  • Throw a single card as an attack; high card wins.
  • Go poker-powered and throw a pair, triple, four-of-a-kind, or valid five-card poker hand.
  • The defender tries to match the number of cards in attack. If the defender plays a better hand of that size, the attacker takes the damage
  • Combine buffs, debuffs, abilities and spells to unleash combination attacks of catastrophic power.

Steam players have given Aces & Adventures overwhelmingly positive reviews and praise its customization, narration, and roguelite elements, among other features! Aces & Adventures is the latest roguelite from Triple.B.Studios, who developed 2020’s popular Popup Dungeon and other fan-favorite RPGs that haven’t received the attention they deserve.

Have you played Aces & Adventures? What’d you think of it? Let us know in the comments, and stick with RPGFan for more on Aces & Adventures and the latest on promising indie RPGs!

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