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Hunt the Night Gets PC Release Date, New Trailer

Screenshot of Hunt the Night, one of several RPGs coming this week

Moonlight Games and DANGEN Entertainment’s retro-style action RPG Hunt the Night will arrive on PC via Steam and GOG on April 13th! We’re still waiting on console release dates, but we have a new PC release date trailer to enjoy in the meantime:

Metroidvania fans have a lot to look forward to in Hunt the Night. You’ll play as Vesper, a member of a group that has discovered how to use the power of darkness to fight monsters that inhabit the gothic world of Medhram. Much like Link and Samus before her, Vesper will explore dungeons, battle bosses, and take advantage of an arsenal of weapons and powers on her quest.

Here’s an overview of Hunt the Night, courtesy of Steam:

Engage in Fast-Paced Dynamic Combat

Dash through enemies while you unleash your combos, use your weapons or destroy them with your dark powers. You can switch between melee and ranged attack in quick succession: slashing enemies with your sword and then dashing away to use your ranged weapons, avoiding enemy attacks.

Face Intense Challenging Bosses

Endure the ultimate challenge as you fight the ancient horrors of the Night that have been annihilating humanity over and over in intense boss battles. Learn their weak points, attack patterns and survive through the different combat phases as the battle gets more challenging and extreme.

Upgrade and Customize Vesper’s Build

Create your own build that will adapt not only to your prefered gameplay but also to particular bosses. Customize the upgrades of your arsenal and use the equipment that best suits your gameplay: Critical Damage, Life Steal, Poison, Close Combat, Firepower and more. Collect Sanguine vials, Crow Feathers, Moonstones and Noctilium to increase your stats and get ready to face the Night.

Discover the Dark World of Medhram

Explore Medhram in a combination of action-adventure and dark fantasy lore. Survive huge dungeons full of traps, enemies, puzzles and challenges. Discover all kinds of locations, from ancient cathedrals and libraries of knowledge to lost kingdoms and devastated floating cities.

Complete ‘Hunts’ as a Member of the Stalkers

Accept a hunt at ‘Crow’s Nest’ and track down the dark beast, find where it hides and hunt the most powerful creatures of the Night. After every completed hunt you will get rewards that will increase your health and dark energy bar.

Find Secondary Characters and Discovery Their Stories

Meet new characters and discover their tragic past and stories in a world that is on the brink of the abyss.

Play to Adapted and Immervise Music

Immersive and adapted music to every moment, boss and location, with the collaboration of Hiroki Kikuta, Secret of Mana composer.

As you know if you’ve read even a handful of pieces on our website, RPGFan is full of folks who love Metroidvanias. Many of us are especially excited to get our hands on this one. Keep your eyes on us for the latest on Hunt the Night!

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